Friday, October 21, 2016

[WIP] Superman script

This is the actual script under development, a Superman script mod :)

### Changes 02-dec-2016 - v1.0

-Added control support:
   A: Sprint modes
   X: Toggle flight mode, hold for supersonic speed when in flight
   B: Melee Attacks
   Right shoulder: Ground attack
   Right trigger: Special attacks
   DPad Right: Change special attack mode
   DPad Left: Toggle Special vision mode
   Left Trigger: Lift/grab entities
-Added kryptonite bullets for some cops when in wanted level 4 or greater (beta)
-Removed blood FX on bullet impacts, only sparks now :)
-Added blood FX and pain audio for big damage caused for example by other superman entity
-Added train derail feature
-Improved slow-motion mode (hold aim button) when running, flying and attacking


### Changes 17-nov-2016 - v0.3

-Changed control system:
-R will perform melee attacks (including mid air melee attacks) only will work when tehre is a target set
-Q will perform ground smash attack, can be used against targets too, there is a little issue related to planes and helicopters
-E change special attacks
-Left mouse button perform special attack
-Right mouse button turn ON slow mowtion (not fully implemented yet)
-Now cops may come after you when you attack
-Improved melee attacks making them more powerful and precise
-Added mid air melee attacks
-Added trail FX for melee attacks and high speed flight
-Fixed slow speed flight psoe when attacking to make the player ped face the target direction


### Changes 12-nov-2016 - v0.2

-Added ground damage effect when flying close to ground or hitting walls in mid flight
-Added definitive X-Ray like vision mode (X)
-Changed sprint mode from 3 to 4 speeds for more easy control
-Added basic melee attacks (punch) when not flying (Select melee attack pressing E and use Left Mouse button to attack)
-Added ground smash attack that can be triggered when flying and on ground pressing Q, also happens when you hit ground in supersonic flight speed


-Mid flight melee attacks under development, for now only ground melee attacks are possible, except the ground smash that can be done when flying.
-Melee attack behavior may change, i want add a target system to make easier attack a specific target.
-Basic melee attack force is increased by player speed, so, running faster before attack will cause more damage.


### Changes 03-nov-2016 - v0.1:

-Fixed issue related to use vehicles
-Different flight anims
-Added Supersonic flight charge anim
-Fixed issue related to Look behind
-Improved sprint mode, press Shift to start sprint, press again to step to next sprint level, last one is supersonic like, release W key to stop sprinting
-Added FX for high speed sprint
-Improved collision check feature, when sprinting, cars that you hit will be pulled away with more force
-Started to make the slow motion feature
-Increased a little the Wind freeze attack range
-Initial try to make a special vision mode


### Changes 28-oct-2016 - v0.0:

-Charge flight startup causing small earthquake and havoc when takeoff
-"Supersonic" flight mode
-Different flight anims and flight control system
-Wind blow
-Wind freeze attack


Features made so far:

-Fast run
-Resistance against bullets, fire, melee attacks and explosions
-Big mass (cause damage to vehicles that hit him)
-Bullets sparks instead of blood when hit
-Auto regenerate life
-Flight (need improvements in anims)
-Shoot laser from eyes causing fire and bursting tires
-Shoot laser blast from eyes causing a small heat explosion causing big damage and fire

To do:

-Wind blow attack
-Grab peds
-Lift vehicles and big objects
-Grab lamp poles and use as weapon
-Throw lifted/grabbed entities
-Special vision modes
-Special melee attacks
-Slow motion
-Enemy/ally feature

Short demo of actual powers:

The release date will be in two or three weeks, Patreons can have the mod earlier, 5~7 days before release, for more info about prerelease access, check my Patreon page.

Have any suggestions or opinions? Share in this facebook post :)


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